Friday, August 21, 2009

Moving on

*FoR SaLe*
I still can't believe we are selling our home. This is the first home we moved into as a married couple and watched our baby grow up in. Jason has put a ton of hours and time in putting the yard in and finishing our basement. The truth of the matter is that we want to live more north. We love Syracuse and everything that is has to offer but my work is in south Ogden and the grandparents are in Riverdale and Farmington. While we sit and wondering about the house market we are taking our time looks for the perfect location and home. We are hoping our home will sell before winter.

Your selling my home? what's up with that!

Picture of Davis' new teeth

Friday, August 7, 2009

Future BFF's

Play Dates
We had such a good time with our friends on a play date. We went to Riverdale park, lots of shade and a great play ground. All of us that went were actually pregnant at the same time. We all know each other through our husbands. They must of had a plan to get all of us pregnant around the same time. We all had boys except for one. Davis is the oldest so I hope he plays nice and shares. I have a feeling our get together with all these boys might get a little crazy. If you know of any other great places for play dates let me know. I would love to go on one at least once a week, so if you want to plan something let us know.
These are Davis' future best friends
Davis, Kennedy, Madden, and Nash

Davis wasn't so sure about Kennedy reaching over and grabbing his face.

Michelle,Ashly, Me, Natalie, and Wendy

We had so much fun laying them next to each other. Davis and Kennedy are 6 months, Madden is 4 months, Nash and Bridger are 2 months.

Play dates are a must. well for mom's anyways.