Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas is over!

Christmas times......

Can you believe it's the day after Christmas and it's already over. Today we cleaned up all of Christmas and then we are going to head out to a movie.

Our Christmas wreath

All of our Christmas Cards and Decor

This is at my parents home where we opened up some gifts for our baby boy. This is the outfit we will bring him home in. It is so darn cute and soft. He will look like a little bear in it.

My parents getting ready to have a house full of people. My relatives all came over for dinner and games. There must of been at least 30 people at my parents house. It was pretty crazy!

Here is my dad just relaxing after a long day.

My cute mom loves her Christmas shirt.

Jason is working our new video camera here. He needs some practice before the big day.

Yummy desert!

We went to Jason's mom's house for her annual Christmas brunch. She out-did herself again this year. She made everything you could ask for and more. We ate and ate until we were sick full. Her tables were decorated really cute for the brunch.

Showing off the belly bump on Christmas.

Justin and Zabryn having so much fun at Grandma's house.

Jason with his beautiful mom

The girls: Saydra, Jaime, and Zabryn

They all looked so cute dressed up for Christmas.

This is Jason's dad trying to work the camera.

Look how high those presents are stacked.

We were given wonderful Christmas presents for our soon-to-be boy. Cute outfits, toy trucks, books, and fun learning games to name a few.

Grandpa Reeder gave Zabryn her first gun. He gives all his grandchildren a gun for their first Christmas. Don't worry it's not loaded.

Here we are opening a gift from Saydra and Darlene.

On Christmas Eve we went to Jason's sister home for turkey dinner and dessert. His cute niece and mom made us a little gift for Christmas. This could be the cutest thing ever.

The Night Before Christmas book and mice made out of candy.

The mice were made out of Hershey kisses, chocolate covered cherries, and peanuts for the ears.
Later that night Saydra read us all the book, The Night Before Christmas. She did such a great job.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Friends Christmas Party

Christmas Party
Every year we get together with just the girls and kids. This year we went to Tiffannie's house for Baked potato bar & cup cakes. It's always good to see friends you don't see all the time, especially around the holidays. We usually bring a purse as a Christmas present and play a exchange game. If you end up loving a purse the game can get a little crazy with all the stealing present for present. This year we decided to bring a $5 gift instead which was fun to see what everyone received. I didn't know we were to bring a white elephant gift. There was such random gifts that were given this year. The presents were :a real goldfish & tank, body spray, duck dressed up in Santa clothes, socks & candy, pregnancy test & picture frame, and Mary Kay skin care samples. It was pretty funny!
I had to take a picture of Deagon's cute shoes, they are little high top converse.

Shelly & Jodi
Me & Lori

Tiffannie & Heston

Tiffannie & Ashly

Deagon & Lori

The Whole Gang

Stacey & Baby

All the mommy's

Shelly with her white elephant gift

Jodi holding a Santa duck

First time I played catch phrase, pretty fun game.

Christmas Party

Christmas Party with old friends
It was so good to see everyone and go out for yummy food.
All of us girls use to work at Tepanyaki together and that's how we know each other. Our uniform consist of white socks with flip flops and a Japanese kimono. Yes it was really embarrassing wear a uniform like that to wait on tables. I will have to say I am missing the really good sushi since I've been pregnant. I still eat sushi but it has to be a California roll or shrimp tempura roll, kind of boring. I finally got my husband to eat sushi and now he loves it.

Kerstin, Elsha, Lindsey and me.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Work Christmas Party

It's time to celebrate Christmas time with your crazy co- workers. We had our work party at Zucca's restaurant in S. Ogden. There was a lot of food served, we had a six course meal. We played the gift game exchange with the left and right story. It was a ton of fun!
My Crazy PJ outfit

We glamed up our pajam's

Shalee, Holly, Me, and Lori
Every year we dress up crazy for our work party! This year the theme was glam pajam!

Jodi, Kelly, and Shanan

Denea & Linda

Leeann, Karin, Jer,and Suezann
( sorry cut your head off)

Our cute boss

Vicki, Deb, and Heidi

Shanan, Jadee, and Kristen

Becky and Kami

Candice, Jodi, and Lori

Tashja, Jen, and Cosette

Brittney, Lori, and Kami

Monday, December 8, 2008

Baby Shower

It was time to celebrate being pregnant and having a baby shower. I just want to thank all of you that came. It was so good to see everyone and I really appreciate your support and love. The baby shower was perfect! we had yummy food and good company. My friends Dez, Lori and Ashly threw this amazing shower for me and baby. The baby shower was filled with the cutest gifts and cute little reading books. The theme was to bring a book for Jason and I to read to our little one. They put in a lot of thought and hard work into the shower, Thank you so much!

Ashly, Lori, and Dez

this was the cutest idea! she used gathered tissue paper and hung from celling

We had hug hess pasta salad, fruit, veg tray, eclairs, rolls, chips & salsa, and Chinese chicken salad. yum! yum!

Me & Tiffannie

Me & My Mother

The Grandma's

Me & My Mother In Law

Zabryn, Saydra, Jaime, and Darlene

Gift time!

Abbie, Kasie, and Boston
(These are my friends through Jason)

Kerstin & Lindsey
(Friends that I worked with at Tepanyaki)

Candice, Jayger, Cami, Lori, Tiff, Ashly, Dez, and Emi
(Friends I went to High school with)

Jessica, Shelly, Ashly, Jodi, Tiff, Dez, Lori, and Lisa
( Group of Friends from high school)