Thursday, December 11, 2008

Work Christmas Party

It's time to celebrate Christmas time with your crazy co- workers. We had our work party at Zucca's restaurant in S. Ogden. There was a lot of food served, we had a six course meal. We played the gift game exchange with the left and right story. It was a ton of fun!
My Crazy PJ outfit

We glamed up our pajam's

Shalee, Holly, Me, and Lori
Every year we dress up crazy for our work party! This year the theme was glam pajam!

Jodi, Kelly, and Shanan

Denea & Linda

Leeann, Karin, Jer,and Suezann
( sorry cut your head off)

Our cute boss

Vicki, Deb, and Heidi

Shanan, Jadee, and Kristen

Becky and Kami

Candice, Jodi, and Lori

Tashja, Jen, and Cosette

Brittney, Lori, and Kami


  1. So I went to beauty school with a couple of those girls.. Plus Jadee was my instructor! That is too funny! I can't believe how tiny and cute you are pregnant! You are lucky! I was huge! Is Cathie still working there too?

  2. Yay! That was so fun! All you girls looked so cute in your jammies! I am so mad, I should have brought my camera! How funny that me and Becky have the same hair do! I didn't even think about that! I think that we have such a fun staff! I love working there!

  3. haha love the post , I need to do mine! that was a way fun party, im so lucky to work with such great people!
    P.S. your one hot mama!

  4. So guys are hilarious! I might have to steal some picts for my that okay =)

  5. FYI my husbands name is Michael not Michelle haha silly stacey! jk

  6. haha you are too funny...the pregnant belly just adds to the "glam" haha...last night was way fun--thanks for planning it...Too bad now I'm just waiting for my Tripoley invite...

  7. Love the outfits. You and Lori crack me up!!!