Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Check up

9 Months

My army crawl

He weighs 21 Lbs. and is 29 inches long. He is a very big boy so big he hasn't mastered crawling. People keep on telling me that the chubbier the baby the longer it takes them to crawl. He started army crawling at 81/2 months but still hasn't caught on to the real thing. My mom keeps on telling me how I walked at 9 months and look what a real genius I am. lol.
We are very lucky to have such a happy and healthy little boy. No colds, no flu, no ear infections and no accidents yet. The only thing that's been horrible so far is when he was first teething. I stood in line for 2 hours last week for the H1N1 shot and he didn't receive it due to the vaccination running out. I had Davis get the seasonal flu shot at his Dr. appointment, so I hope we can protect him from both illness this coming winter. I'm apologizing ahead of time if you don't see Davis until the summer. I guess I am a super overprotective mommy.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Bring your own pumpkin

PuMpkin PaTcH HeRe We CoMe
Today we went to the pumpkin patch in Syracuse, It was so much FUN! We walked around and looked at all the fun games & farm animals and took tons of pictures. Next year we will have to play some games and go on the hay ride to pick our pumpkins from the fields. We all came back to our house for chili, salad, and treats. This will definitely be an annual event for Halloween. By the way we were the only ones that dressed up our kids to take them to the pumpkin patch. Everyone said look at the clown and the baby pumpkin.

Little man was hanging in there with that funny Halloween costume on
fun farm animals
The grandma's

Fun Games

All the grandkids

Grandma Darlene

Grandma Jaeger

All the grandpa's were out hunting

Our little family
Nelson Family ( jason's sis)
Jamie, Zabryn, Saydra, and Justin

Zabryn & Saydra
Zabryn dressed up as a clown this year. She had her makeup on and her hair sprayed with color. So cute!
Davis in a pumpkin costume
The kiddos

The End.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Love OcToBeR

Happy October
I have my fall & Halloween decorations up.
This year is the first year I've decorated the house for Halloween. I mostly did it for Davis to enjoy since it is his first Halloween. His Grandma Jaeger & Grandma Darlene are fanatics when it comes to decorating for the holidays. I wanted to decorate as cheap as possible so I went to the Dollar Tree and found some fantastic buys. I bought everything I needed for just $20. Just some idea if you want to decorate on a budget.

Scary door sign $1
Scare crow $1

Pumpkin Notepad $1

Floor mat $1
witch $1

Door sign $1

Head stone $1
Three pumpkins with garland $1 each

4 Place-mats $1 each

4 dinner plates $1 each

Smile on my little guys face is PRICELESS

Have fun decorating your home

Just a couple of new updates on Davis.
He is dressing up in skeleton PJ's on Halloween night for comfort. I borrowed a pumpkin Halloween costume from a friend that he's going to wear to stay warm when we go to the pumpkin patch.
Davis has two top teeth coming in which are so funny looking because they are not the front ones. He already has his two bottom teeth in. Right now he could dress up like a hill billy.

He is missing the two top front teeth. It looks like they have been knock out. I hope they come in soon so they fill out.

He is learning how to wave. It is so sweet.