Monday, October 5, 2009

Love OcToBeR

Happy October
I have my fall & Halloween decorations up.
This year is the first year I've decorated the house for Halloween. I mostly did it for Davis to enjoy since it is his first Halloween. His Grandma Jaeger & Grandma Darlene are fanatics when it comes to decorating for the holidays. I wanted to decorate as cheap as possible so I went to the Dollar Tree and found some fantastic buys. I bought everything I needed for just $20. Just some idea if you want to decorate on a budget.

Scary door sign $1
Scare crow $1

Pumpkin Notepad $1

Floor mat $1
witch $1

Door sign $1

Head stone $1
Three pumpkins with garland $1 each

4 Place-mats $1 each

4 dinner plates $1 each

Smile on my little guys face is PRICELESS

Have fun decorating your home

Just a couple of new updates on Davis.
He is dressing up in skeleton PJ's on Halloween night for comfort. I borrowed a pumpkin Halloween costume from a friend that he's going to wear to stay warm when we go to the pumpkin patch.
Davis has two top teeth coming in which are so funny looking because they are not the front ones. He already has his two bottom teeth in. Right now he could dress up like a hill billy.

He is missing the two top front teeth. It looks like they have been knock out. I hope they come in soon so they fill out.

He is learning how to wave. It is so sweet.


  1. what cute decorations!! i love the door sign with the red wreath...super cute! i would totally copy you if i could find one here:) i love the table place mats too! and davis is just as handsome as always:)

  2. stace he is so cute and YES i love decorating for halloween too! last year i put purple lights around my door but didn't take them down til end of nov...i just don't like undecorating! anyway- id love to get the girls together soon. ive missed ya

  3. This post made me want to get my Halloween decorations out! So cute!!

  4. way cute decor! i totally am going to the dollar store! davis is the cutiest!

  5. Your decorations are so cute! I haven't even had the chance to get mine up yet. Need to do that soon. Owen keeps asking where our pumkins are. Davis will be warm. That is all we did for Owen's first year. He will have many years of fun to dress up and go out. I agree with what Kerstin posted. We need to get the girls together!!!!

  6. Way cute decorations. He could be a vampire with those teeth! lol. I love it.