Sunday, December 14, 2008

Friends Christmas Party

Christmas Party
Every year we get together with just the girls and kids. This year we went to Tiffannie's house for Baked potato bar & cup cakes. It's always good to see friends you don't see all the time, especially around the holidays. We usually bring a purse as a Christmas present and play a exchange game. If you end up loving a purse the game can get a little crazy with all the stealing present for present. This year we decided to bring a $5 gift instead which was fun to see what everyone received. I didn't know we were to bring a white elephant gift. There was such random gifts that were given this year. The presents were :a real goldfish & tank, body spray, duck dressed up in Santa clothes, socks & candy, pregnancy test & picture frame, and Mary Kay skin care samples. It was pretty funny!
I had to take a picture of Deagon's cute shoes, they are little high top converse.

Shelly & Jodi
Me & Lori

Tiffannie & Heston

Tiffannie & Ashly

Deagon & Lori

The Whole Gang

Stacey & Baby

All the mommy's

Shelly with her white elephant gift

Jodi holding a Santa duck

First time I played catch phrase, pretty fun game.


  1. I had so much fun! Thank you so much for coming over!! I love ya!

  2. What a fun bunch of gals!!! you look so cute pregos!!

  3. Yeah I am so excited you have a blog now too. Now we just need to get everyone else to get one going. I can't believe you only have 45 days left I can't wait to see the cute little guy! Sorry i had to rush on your shower, I felt so bad. Lets get togehter!

  4. oh stacey, you look as beautiful as ever!! (its brooke bringhurst:) i didn't know you had a blog, i am happy i found it:) congrats on your sweet baby on the way, kids are the best!! i should know, i have 3...i know...crazy huh:) being a mom is the best:) you will love it:)

  5. I had so much fun at the party. We need to do it again before you have the baby and all of your free time will be non-existant.

  6. Your are so cute!! Your baby boy is going to be so cute too!! I'm excited to see pictures of him! Tyce is going to be 5 months Jan 5th.. Time really goes by so much faster when you have a baby! Its crazy! Do you go to the circle of life, upstairs from your work? Everyday I went to my doctor there I always peeked in to see if you were at the front desk and the whole 9 months you weren't!

  7. You look so good! I am happy you found my blog so I can write on yours! I totally miss the spa and I do kinda wish I could work just one day a month :). I will have to come by and see everyone! I totally know your friend Jodi, I worked with her years ago! Funny.