Sunday, November 30, 2008

It's almost Christmas!

Jason & I are not putting up a Christmas tree this year so I thought I would enjoy the decorations of others instead. I just figured we would have to put up Christmas every year after having the baby. I will be pretty pregnant by the end of December anyways. I will just kick my feet up and enjoy the Holidays.

My first Christmas, coming soon....
Jason's mom bought this cute little bear for the baby.

Darlene's Christmas Tree

Jaeger's Front door
I call my family the Griswalds because they over decorate for christmas

Snowman sking off a huge rock

Jaeger's Christmas Tree


  1. I don't blame you for not wanting to do a Christmas tree this year! Putting Christmas tree ornaments and decorations away is no fun, especially if you are about to have a baby! You should just relax and enjoy your families decorations this year!

  2. haha you crack me up but I totally understand not putting up Christmas! and yes towards the end of your pregnancy you probably will not want to take it down! looks like you had a wonderful gobble gooble day! The Griwalds thing is hilarious! Can't wait to meet youre little one!!!

  3. I am not looking forward to putting up Christmas! I know, I sound like a grinch, but it will only be up for 3 weeks, and then we have to take it all down! I am stressed about the holidays, we've only bought one present, and have many more on our list! It's hard to find the time to shop because my pediatrician told me not to take Kadence out to any stores because of the flu season. Maybe I'll have to get into online shopping! I'm excited to see you at the Christmas party!

  4. Stacey!! How are ya!? I found your blog off of Kerstins.... Congrats on being pregnant!! What are you having? When are you due? I had my little baby boy in Aug. He is getting so big now!! My blog is private so email me and I'll send you an invite!!

  5. Hi Stacey!! This is Ashley (Shelly and Pej's friend)... hope you remember me. ;o) I saw a comment you made on the other Ashley's blog and I thought I'd say hello... hope you don't mind. ;o) And holy cow... I didn't know you were prego!! Congrats!! You make such a cute mommy... but you've always been so pretty... so no surprise. ;o)

    And it's so crazy that Jamie is your sis-in-law. ;o) I've known her forever. Well... just through my sister.

    But I hope you have a great Christmas and a healthy, happy little baby. ;o)

  6. Ya I would probably do the same thing...maybe you should put a pic of our chintzy christmas lights we strung up on our railing...wait, nevermind it would definitely show up all the pics you posted.

    it was good seeing ya today! Love ya!