Sunday, March 8, 2009

6 weeks old

We hope you enjoy the pictures
He has a mullet and needs a hair cut!
He's growing so fast this hat was already to small

He only smiles when he's letting out some gas

Sleeping in style

Bath time!

This is he's favorite sleep position after he eats

He still doesn't know what to think about the Binky

Look how chunky I am

I love styling his hair like this, it's so cute!

This is my screaming face , does anyone wanna babysit him?

This is my fist night gown

Mommy's little monster!

I love to be held

He is getting so strong and lifting up his head

Here is what we have been up to in the last six weeks. Davis loves taking bathes but hates when it's time to get out due to being cold. He never skips meals so he's getting pretty chunky. At night time he sleeps pretty good, I still wake up a couple times to feed him. It's funny how everyone tells you all they do is eat, sleep, poop, and cry because it's TRUE. We have lately noticed that Davis is dealing with some colic, so he likes to scream. We have tried about everything to help this little guy and nothing seems to work. They say he will grow out of it by three to four months, I am hoping he grows out of it by two months. We enjoy every minute of him even if he is crying. Being a mom and dad is so amazing and we can't believe he is ours.


  1. Oh my gosh, look at him! And his cute hair! I can't believe he is six weeks already! He is a doll! When are you coming back to work? I bet when you come back I will be gone huh? :) Well I still need to get you your pants back!

  2. Stacey I cannot believe that hair! He is so freaking cute!! Where does time go?? I can't believe he's 6 weeks old!! I still need to come see that little peanut! Heston had colic and the only thing we would do is just make sure we gave him Mylacon every feeding, it didn't cure it but it did help!

  3. i wish i could hold him stacey, he is soooo cute. isn't it amazing the love you have for your baby? it isn't like anything that can be explained, but as soon as they are here with you, you would do anything for them. they grow way too fast! kiss him lots:)

  4. Wow he has got so big! I love the pics. When you cut his hair maybe you could lend it to Halia? She needs some bad! :) I'm sorry about the colic. We did the "happiest baby on the block" dvd and that seemed to help? I know I'm postin late don't judge me. I would babysit that cute face anytime!:)

  5. I cant believe how much hair he has!! its so cute! I love how its styled! I cant believe how big he is getting! cant wiat for you to come back to work!!

  6. What a freakin cutie!! there are so many things about him that are adorable like his hair, big eyes, and chubby belly... I am glad that you are enjoying everything so much- sounds like you are a natural!!

  7. He is so big!!!! I am glad you are still having fun with him. It keeps getting better. Never went through the Colic thing, but Shane did with Stephen. I will ask if what might work and get back to you on that one. Love his hair!!!!!

  8. I completely agree with you the screaming is soooo hard, but seriously enjoy it now. I miss my little one's tiny baby screams!! You are such a great mom!!

  9. Hey Stacey! I found your blog on Alisha's! Congratulations on your adorbale little boy! He is beautiful and you look amazing!

  10. He has changed so much in just a couple short weeks--- I am so glad we did his newborn shots when we did!! he is such a cutie!!!

  11. He is so cute Stacey!! I can't believe how big he's gotten already. I'm glad to hear all is well w/you guys =)

  12. hey Stacey it has been along time... YOur baby is so hansom...he has so much hair I love it.. Good to see what your up to