Monday, April 13, 2009

My little Easter baby

My 1st Easter
Davis was so surprised to see that the Easter bunny came to our house. He got his very first Easter basket filled with teething toys, books, clothes, and candy. I am pretty sure Jason and I will eat all the candy. Next year we will take him to see the Easter bunny and get some fun pictures of that. We went to Jason's family first for a fantastic lunch. Grandma Darlene and Grandpa Reeder gave Davis some diapers and a learning push bear. Then we were off to the Jaeger's for dinner and a game of tripoly. Grandma and Grandpa Jaeger gave Davis a cute bib and Easter basket filled with candy and toys. Thanks Grandma & Grandpa for all my wonderful gifts. Everyone just loved his cute outfit and loved holding him the whole time. He is so lucky to have such a loving family.
Me with my Easter basket

My cute Easter outfit

me and my mommy

me and my daddy

Saydra, Zabryn and Grandpa Reeder

Davis with his cousins

me and Grandma Darlene

Me with Aunt Jaime and Justin

My Easter duck that Grandma Jaeger gave me

Me and Grandpa Jaeger

Uncle Cory is putting me to sleep

I love treats and gifts!


  1. oh my GOSH he is so cute! i loved the pic u sent me on my phone...he is the cutest baby in america FO SHO. Also might i mention that i am obsessed with your cut, or just styling it different? ya um remember how i have looked the exact same since the day u met me? not so good with change... love u-let's hang out asap. u need to come to mine & elsha's next dinner night...we do them almost weekly...usually wed nights. you in? wow i really should just call u cuz i have a million things to say apparently, but also i got a "thanks for your application, BUT..." letter :) which is okay...i will talk to u about that later though. Oh, and I wanted to tell Jason too, that I told Dr newey how i know Jason and he was like "Reeder?? Do you know how much money I've taken from that guy?!" Anyway, lets talk soon...luvs!

  2. I love his little easter outfit. He is so cute. I am glad you guys had a fun Easter!

  3. He looks so happy Stacey! I love his little football basket, very cute. His outfit is adorable, you're lucky you found something so cute that will fit the little guy. I swear they don't start making way cute baby clothes until 12 months. Whenever I see a cute outfit, I look for the smallest one, and it's AlWaYs 12 mo!

  4. Davis is such a cutie! I love the mohawk. His easter outfit is cute too. I'm glad you had a fun easter.

  5. He is so adorable! It looks like you all had a great Easter together! I can't believe how big he is getting! And you look great, as always!

  6. Cute pics!!! Davis is a very cute little boy. I love your hair!!! You always look so cute. I got my hair done by Darsi last week and Courtney was in and he said to tell Jason and you hello.

  7. He is seriously so adorable!! You look amazing!! You don't even look like you had a freaking baby!! I'm jealous!!