Monday, May 18, 2009

My new adventure's

Just a couple of funny pictures & new updates
Davis loves to be wrapped up tight for naps. We are working on getting him to take longer naps during the day. The 30-45min naps are not cutting it. Night time he's been sleeping through the night since he was 10 weeks. We are so lucky!
Stroll outside
We love going on walks around the neighborhood. We go on one everyday where he usually falls asleep shortly after. It's pretty bright outside so we had to buy some cool shades.

These sunglasses crack me up, you would think they would fit his chunky face.

Hunting outfit
I know hunting season isn't until fall, he just wanted to let his daddy know he's ready.

We are working on sitting up, almost there but he still falls over. He's starting to like the bumbo seat, at first he would get really mad if we even put him in it.

His little rock n' roll outfit

I gave Davis his first hair cut.
Now he looks like a little boy. His hair was so out of control I just had to cut it. I was really surprised he never lost any of his hair since he was born.

We have no idea how much he weighs, next week we go to his 4 month checkup. Jason and I are guessing he weighs 18-2o pounds. We will keep you posted.


  1. Stacey he is adorable! I cannot believe how big he's getting!!

  2. oh my gosh...i love him, he is darling!!!

  3. He has got the cutest little chubby face! It cracks me up. I love little rolly polly babies! The hunting outfit is hysterical. How fun to have a boy. Cute pics.

  4. oh my heck he is a doll and what a little chunck! I love it!and look how cute you dress him! I love his little sun glasses!
    you are such a cute mom and what a great baby boy you have!
    and how did you cut his hair?when he was asleep or did jason help? I need to cut Trae's Im just a little nervous! good job! he is too cute!!!!

  5. He is so cute!!! Do you really think he weighs 18 pounds??there is no way!! I took tyce to the doctor last week and he is only 9 months and weighed 18 pounds! :) Dont you think it's so hard cutting babies hair? It was for me!! He is too cute!!

  6. What cute outfits! He is so freakin cute! Halia loves to be outside and go on walks too. I think its somethin about not being in the same four walls all the time? His hair is definately gettin lighter. Soooo handsome.

  7. It looks like you are having so much fun. I love all the outfits, who said boys can't be cute too? I can't tell who he looks more like but I'm thinking alot like Reeder. Anyway you guys are all so beautiful.

  8. Don't you love those walks outside, so nice! So did you talk to the girls about play dates at the park??? I really want to do that, it would give us a chance to talk about something besides work, see everyone's kiddos, and get some sun, sounds awesome!

  9. You'll be suprised they look bigger then they actually are! I am so jealous he has been sleeping through the night since 10 weeks he needs to give some lessons to 15 month old Avery who picks and chooses what nights she sleeps through the night! He is sooo cute, I can't believe how fast he's grown it just goes by way to fast!! You are such a cute mommy!!

  10. Wow, he is already so big!! He is so stinkin cute too!