Tuesday, July 21, 2009

working on my tan!

SuMmEr Fun 09'
This summer I was exposed to so many fun and new thing. We went to our first birthday party with lots of kids and toys. Davis got to try out his swimming trunks. I didn't know you have to buy swimming diapers, we just left him in his diaper and it puffed up so much and weighed a ton. We caked on the SPF 50 so his white skin didn't fry up. I will say though he does need to work on his tan. We just can't believe how white our little baby boy is. We bought Davis a baby swimming pool and filled it with tons of balls. Sometimes he likes it and sometimes he cries when we dunk him in. One day he'll want to stay outside and play all day.
Another thing Davis has been exposed to this summer is the swine flu and Chicken pox. We were so lucky he didn't catch the swine flue that was going around. Now we just wait to see if he caught the chicken pox. Babies don't get vaccinated until they are 1 year old. His symptoms may appear anywhere from 14- 21 days after they were exposed. No more play dates or birthday parties for us for a while anyways. I have a feeling it will be me one day calling the other mom's telling them to watch there kids for any sickness because my son may have passed something to them. Don't worry everyone I will be calling you soon. We have been super lucky he hasn't been sick yet. We are keeping our fingers crossed. We will keep you updated.
I love all these colorful balls
Don't bother me, I'm working on my tan.

I think I had more fun than Davis did. How fun to be a kid again.

Lori & Deagon, Candice & Jager.


  1. Looks like you're both having a great summer! I just think he is so darn cute!

  2. Your boy is so cute. Is that Lori's cute boy? It is so fun to see you guys having a great summer. YOur kids are all so cute in the pics.

  3. stace how cute are you?! looks like so much fun... can we hang out please? the boys need to rekindle their bond

  4. glad you are having a good summer, I swear you are right its so much funner for me too. Trae is the same way I dont think he quite loves the water yet either. I love Davis' swim shorts , so cute!!! Chicken pox!!!! what, he's too little?Im sorry girl let me know if you need anything!

  5. I hope that Davis will be okay. It looks like both of you had a lot of fun. I am sure he will be loving the water a lot more when he is a little bigger.

  6. You guys look like you have lots of fun!! I really need to meet your little guy!
    I do have a facebook page. Amanda Maloney Weldon. I will try and find you and ask to be your friend. :)

  7. You look so hot!! I am so jealous!! You seriously look so great! :) Davis is adorable! I think that is such a good idea about filling the pool with balls! I might copy it.... You have such a cute family!