Monday, May 17, 2010

One busy day

MoThEr'S DaY
This is one exciting day I will always love celebrating. It's all because of my wonderful husband & my beautiful son that have made me a MOM. We started out the busy day with breakfast at our house with my side of the family. My dad made his famous omelette's for us, which I haven't had since the morning of my wedding day. Later in the day we went Jason's sisters home to celebrate Saydra's 9th Birthday and Mother's day. We had yummy Mexican food and delicious cupcakes for dessert. To finish the day off we decided to head to Lowe's to pick out some new exterior window shutters for the rest of my mother's day present, Thanks Honey. I felt so loved and so spoiled, Mother's day is the best day ever!
Double kisses for one special Mom & Grandma.
Every year Jason gives his mom a thoughtful card that tells her how much he loves her and she cries every time, so cute.
Happy birthday Saydra. #9
Cute gift from the girls to Grandma & Mom. Their hand prints are the flowers.

Davis showing off his golf moves, he is actually getting pretty good at swinging.

Tiger woods kids better watch out.

Went on a little bike ride for the first time.
He loved it but wasn't so sure about the helmet.

Nice day for a walk outside with my Grandma.

Double kisses to one special Mom & Grandma.

I am so lucky to have this cute little guy in my life. He makes me one proud mom and makes me smile like you can't believe. I love you so much!

Had to post this:
This little turkey butt decides it's funny to show off when my parents come over to visit. He had learned to crawl around the gates and sneak out. We caught him in the act.
step one: act like your crawling

Step two: Army crawl

Step three: smile for the camera, priceless.
Happy Mother's day!


  1. Glad you had a happy mother's day, you deserve it! Love that he plays golf, he's such a cutie! I bet his daddy is proud. I'm so jealous of your bike trailer, I want one so bad, but I'd need a bike first ;-)

  2. ha Davis is so cute & thats hilarious! Im glad you had a good mothers day!!!you deserve it!

  3. hope you had a good mother's day. you really are awesome. davis is a lucky little kid to have you for his mom...and one day all of his little friends will have crushes on you ya sexy mama. id love to get together...maybe when lindsey has her baby we can go see her together. love ya!

  4. He is such a cute baby. I love how he holds the golf club perfect, ha ha that's priceless. How fun for you to have that little man. Cute pictures.