Thursday, June 3, 2010

Big Boy

Davis is getting to be such a big boy and what I mean by that is he's always trying to do things himself now. You give him a bite of your sandwich and the next thing you know it he want to hold it & take it for himself. He tries to eat all by himself, which he hasn't mastered yet. We also think Davis is going to be LEFTY. We have noticed that he does a lot of things with his left hand. Did you know that my mom is left handed & Jason's mom is left handed, it must pass through the DNA.
Is it too soon to tell?


  1. He is so big!! I don't think it's too soon to tell! I always wanted to be left handed when I was little!

  2. oh my heck he is a big boy! look at him. I love it when they start doing things on their own! he is seriously a stud!!!

  3. My little man