Thursday, August 26, 2010

This is what happens when your play room turns into preschool.
I know it's pretty early to start teaching them the ABC's, Numbers, Colors and Potty training but what the heck, you can never start to early!
I found these great vinyl numbers & ABC's on ebay for only $9

Teaching him colors.

He isn't quite sure what's going on with the toilet but he thinks it's pretty fun to sit on. I've heard of 18 month old (mostly girls) being potty trained, so i better get a start on it. I hope it isn't as bad as others have experienced.
wish us luck!


  1. you are such a cute mommy! I love the play room!!!! and the potty! ha so cute where did you get it? I need to start T on the potty, he crys when we put him on it!godd luck!

  2. Potty training was easy for Owen. We didn't force him, but he decided when he wanted to do it. I wish you the best of luck with Davis. I am sure he will do great. Love the playroom/preschool.