Monday, October 18, 2010

Tractor's & Pumpkins

****Happy October****
Nice Weather
Tractor rides
We took Davis on a play date to Black Island Farm in Syracuse. This place is a must!!!

Tractor ride out to pick our pumpkins.
Davis is obsessed with Tractors.
All the boys found their very own pumpkin, well with a little help from the momma's.

Davis with his little pick from the patch.

He loved the tractor ride and couldn't stop looking at the tractors.

Our group of friends.

Davis & Jagger riding on this pull wagon.
We went down the slide too but didn't get any pictures.


  1. That looks like fun! I think that is where we are going on Thursday night. Should be a good time. Can't believe how big Davis is getting. I bet you are just loving all of the fun stages he is at.

  2. He looks like such a big boy! Those are cute pictures, I hear I need to go there.

  3. oh my heck! i cant get over how big he looks in that last pic! I cant believe he will be two soon!!! how fun i love BIF!!!