Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas 2010

I opened this Christmas card of Davis & Jason visiting Santa.
So cute!!! I hope they surprise me with one of them every year.

This was the first year Eugene the ELF watched over Davis to report back to Santa if he's been naughty or nice. Every morning Eugene was hiding and we had to find him then he was off to report back to Santa.


I cooked for my family & Jason's family, a total of 13 people. It was a little stressful but everything turned out really good. We enjoyed enchilada soup & honey lime enchilada, chips & Salsa & Strawberry cake dessert. Zabryn & Saydra provided entertainment by reading The night before xmas & singing Christmas carols, It was awesome! Davis opened his xmas pj's & a couple of other gifts that included Thomas the train. (of course)


We had to wake up Davis because Santa came and we were way to excited to wait!!

Santa brought Davis a sled, DVD portable player, Thomas the train track & much more.

Grandma & Grandpa Jaeger came over to watch Davis rip through his presents. He did really good at opening all of them, it took a little longer due to his urge to wanting to open the toys and play with them asap. It was kind of funny any time he opened clothing we would throw it out of the box and move on to the next gift. Little stinker!

Grandma & Grandpa got davis a mini recliner chair,( now he can be twins with his dad), tractors, trucks, dvd's, books, pajamas, & cute clothes. Uncle cory gave davis Thomas the train speedy engine toy. Aunt Jaime got davis thomas the train toys & dvd & pretend play doctor kit.

he wanted us to pull him all morning long on his sled, he has no idea how much fun we are going to have when we take it outside in the snow.

Grandpa at work, taking xmas photos.

After all the excitement of opening presents we ate breakfast. We got a vitamix blender from costco for christmas, jason whipped up a fruit smoothie & I cooked bacon, eggs and cinnamon rolls. My parents got us a mini crockpot, can opener and gift card to our favorite place, olive garden.


we went to jaime's home for lunch, we ate crepes, the famous cheese bread, fruit salad, and ham.

Then it was present time!!!

Jason's dad gave Davis something very special, it was Jason's old hunting vest that he had when he was little along with old pictures of Jason wearing it.

It was time to open Grandma Darlene's presents. She gave him Thomas the train track, marker & chalk board, dvd's, books, trains, hot wheels, abc telephone, pj's, cute clothes and much more.

Zabryn opening presents.

Grandma & Saydra.

Davis opened just a couple of presents and as you can see I ended up opening the rest.
Grandpa Reeder gave Davis lots of cute clothes, dart gun, real cowboy boots & wranglers, and much more.


We went to my Mom & Dad's for dinner and we all wore our xmas pj's.

Julie & Cory with Charlie Brown xmas tree.

Our little family.

Grandma & Davis sliding down the stairs.

Grandpa showed Davis how to slid down the stairs on his bum.

Davis open more presents from Grandma & Grandpa on Christmas night.

It was a long & crazy day, but the best part of Christmas is spending time with our family. We really enjoyed watching Davis get excited about opening presents. This year he understood opening presents but next year he will understand who Santa Clause is.

Merry Christmas!!!!!

& Thank you for the wonderful presents. :)

Davis is one spoiled little boy.


  1. Christmas is the best when you have kids, isn't it!:) seeing davis with all his thomas the train toys, brings back memories of my oldest boy Oakley, when he was little he LOVED thomas the train, too!! sooo cute!!

  2. oh Stac Im so glad you guys had a good Christmas!!!im so impressed that you cooked for 13 people on christmas eve! i would be stresses too, but your meal sounds sooo yummy!!!
    davis is so cute!!! Trae loves thomas the train too!!love ya!