Monday, December 6, 2010

Santa's little helper

One day he is going to look back at these pictures and hate me for making him dress up. My Mom & Dad are really behind this idea. My Dad took these amazing Christmas pictures, ENJOY!
Making a list & checking it TWICE, going to tell Santa who's been NAUGHTY & NICE.

give me some more CANDY!
UM..... what else should I get into?


Way to cold out side for Santa's ELF.

I love to take ornaments off the tree & open up presents early.

Merry Christmas!


  1. i LOVE that you dressed him up! that is the cutest outfit ever!!! you are such a cute/good mommy to little davis:)

  2. Such cute pictures...your dad does a good job! I love dressing Kadence up to, they just look adorable in costume :)

  3. oh my heck these are such cute pictures! i love the one of him on the phonE!!!! what a cute outfit!