Monday, January 24, 2011


Chugga- Chugga Choo- Choo celebrating Davis turning 2.
Here's the Birthday Boy!!!

The Decorations
Thomas the train cupcake Cake.
Thomas the train candy train.

The presents

Tricycle, Aqua doodle, college fund, and bowling set.

New train set

Big Boy 4 Wheeler!
Can't wait until it warm up so we can put on a helmet & ride.

Playing trains with my dad.

Waiting for my party to start looking out the window.

The guest list

Grandpa Jaeger & Uncle Cory

My Favorite Cousins.

Grandma Darlene, Aunt Jaime, and Saydra looking at photo books.

Grandpa Reeder

Grandma Jaeger & Jaeger family.
I had a little friend party with all his play date friends the next day
but it got really crazy & I forgot to pull out the camera, OOPS! I'm such a bad Mom.
I can't believe how many little boys love trains, they were in heaven playing.
for everyone that made Davis' Birthday extra special, he had so much FUN!!!
Thank you for all the wonderful gifts.


  1. Oakley LOVED thomas the train when he was little...brings back memories:) happy birthday davis!!

  2. Happy Birthday Davis! You did so good on his party...did you make the train cupcake cake? So cute!

  3. hahahaa was he really looking out the window waiting for people? that is hilarious! ps thanks for the baby tips. i think stockton is just recently deciding what he does and doesn't like. there's no real reason for his fussiness. who knows!!!

  4. No way! Seriously...TWO?? That is crazy! He is so cute! Happy Birthday Davis! :)

  5. That was seriously the cutiest party ever!!! i cant believe he is two, he is just so studly!! you are such a cute mom!

  6. Your so creative! :) Tyce loves Thomas! Can you believe how expensive the train sets are!? Its crazy, but worth it! ;) Looks like Davis had a great birthday party!