Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter 2011

Davis loves Easter CANDY!!!

Yes that's all we ate over the weekend lots & lots of candy.

Friday we had a street Easter Egg hunt with kids 4 and under, it was a great way to avoid the busy city Easter egg hunts. Oops! we didn't see the Easter bunny this year. Sunday we went with Jason's family and ate breakfast at Crackle Barrel, yummy!!! Then to Aunt Jaime's for the Easter Egg hunt. We were all poop we came home and took a long nap. Later that evening we went to my parents for Easter Dinner and another Easter Egg hunt. It was such a nice day outside and we had a wonderful time with our families.

Easter Outfit
Easter Basket with fishing pole, water and dart guns, and dinosaurs.

The night before Easter we colored eggs for the first time. Davis had a blast! I forgot to use vinegar so our eggs turned out pastel colored.

Street Easter Egg Hunt.

Davis likes to pick up one egg at a time and eat the candy inside before we can move on. What a little stinker!

Blowing bubbles

and riding bikes made the perfect weekend.

Happy Easter!!!


  1. i cannot believe how much hair that kid has. i must be just used to stocktons whispy hairs...

    he is so cute and getting so big! im home now all day so we should get together!

  2. He is such a cute little boy, I can't believe all of his hair!

  3. oh handsome Davis how I adore you so!!! What a cutie!glad you guys spoiled him!!

  4. Davis is sooo cute...I love his hair! Looks like a fun Easter!