Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Baby update:

about 11 weeks left!!!

Name Update: well that changes every week.

Errr! why can't we decide???

These are my Favorites so far

1. Violet

2. Brynn

3. Laney

4. Dylann

5. Anniston

6. Joslyn

7. Dessa

Davis update:

Still no potty in the toliet.

Finally starting to talk.

He loves drawing pictures and watching movies.

He loves being outside.

He loves kissing mommy's belly and playing in the babies room.

Loves dinosaurs, trains and tractors.


  1. love my little bug
    and baby bud
    cute names I like anniston it very cute. you keep going back to Violet maybe that's telling you something.Dad likes Laney

  2. I love the name Brynn and Laney! So cute!! Her room is also soo adorable! She is going to be so gorgeous just like her big brother!