Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Devry Anne Reeder

Born: 11.18.11


5lbs 8oz.


Poor baby has been in nicu since she was born. Since her birth weight was so low they ran checks for low blood sugar, a health baby is above 50 and hers was in the 30's so they took her to nicu to run iv and watch her blood sugars. Then she was having hard time keeping her body temp. up since she was so tiny and needed fat on her body. She wasn't eating very good from bottle so then they ran feeding tube. Doc said she is acting like 37 week old baby instead of a 39 week old and that she has low birth weight due to placenta deficiency. She is now breastfeeding and taking bottle at hospital and is more alert. She might be home for thanksgiving. This whole experience has been an eye opener and really makes me thankful that she is okay and health and there isn't any other problem. Her doc said it was good we got her out when we did or there could have been major problems. I will post some pictures of her when she gets home.


  1. She is adorable!! So sorry to hear of the worries. Praying she will be home with you for the holiday! xoxo

  2. She's darling and I love her name! Congratulations! Hope she comes home soon.

  3. Oh Stacey, she's adorable. I'm so sorry about all of the worries, even the tiniest problems make mommies crazy. I'm sure she will be just fine. Kadence had problems staying warm when she was born to. Keep us updated! I hope she gets to come home soon.

  4. what a sweet little thing:) im sorry, there is nothing scarier then when your baby is in the hospital being tested for everthing...i've been there. hang in there, she is beautiful:) congratulations, stacey!!