Sunday, December 11, 2011


Last week we took Devry to the doc for her two week appointment and the doctor said she looks great! she weighs 6lbs 2oz. so she is gaining weight. I had a couple of concerns she started getting super fussy & colic symptoms, acid reflux. Doc has me on a strict diet while breastfeeding to see if she is fussy from dairy products that is passed into the breast milk. No Dairy for me for a while and see if this shakes out. She wakes every 2 1/2 - 3 hours to feed, i don't blame her I'm sure she is starving being to so little. She sleeps in her bouncer chair at night and through the day due to acid reflux. We had a difficult week but I think things are starting to get into a routine and she seems like a happier baby.

Davis loves his little sister, he loves to get her a bow for her hair everyday and always ask where's baby? if she's in the other room or asleep. He isn't as afraid of her and will hold her for 2 min. or until he is done. He will try to hold her hand and give her kisses on her head.

People have been asking if she looks like Davis, I found this picture of Davis when he was two weeks old. I think they kind of look alike. Davis got most of the hair though.


  1. Beau was so fussy the first 5 weeks of his life. He was so hard and cried ALOT. After talking to several friends, I stopped eating dairy...and wala...he was a totally different baby. He is 6 1/2 months now, and I still have to be careful with what I eat because he has a very sensitive tummy. He is so worth it though.
    Miss Devry is so beautiful, stacey!:)

  2. Glad to hear you all are doing good, I'd say they look alike! They look like the same baby, so cute!

  3. I feel for ya...Caymen was my colic baby and let me tell you it is so rough. He didn't have reflex, but was super gassy. We did whatever it took to make him happy :) Good luck hon! Let me know if I can help out at all. Also, my neighbor gave Finn a CozyHugs Bear, it's aromatherapy and can be used warm or cold. It's amazing for pressure on the belly (I would have loved it for Cay). Finn just loves snuggling with it. :)