Monday, December 14, 2009

Babysitting Davis
This month has been super busy with Christmas parties and we needed to get a babysitter for a couple of nights. Last weekend Davis had his first sleep over with Grandma Darlene. He had so much fun & slept right through the night. We had a hard time leaving Davis, we just missed him so much. Thanks again for letting him stay the night.

I had my parents come to our house and watch Davis while we went to another Christmas party. He had a blast and now I know why. The next day after babysitting Davis my parents emailed me the pictures they took that night.

He grabbed ornaments off the tree

He ate the ornaments

They tried to get him to open his xmas presents early

They tried to get him to walk

He played on his big boy truck

Put him through the basketball hoop

gave him endless amounts of treats

Played hide & seek

Let him ride on their shoulders

He had so much fun! I am a little scared to see what they will do next time they babysit Davis.
Thanks again for watching our little monkey.


  1. i love the pictures:) its nice to have parents to watch your kids, then you know they are being very loved:)

  2. Oh, that is the funniest post ever. I love the pictures of evidence. Ha ha! Your little boy is the absolute cutest thing. Those cheeks crack me up. And parents turn naughty when they're grandparents. They have no rules. It's weird. : )

  3. So much fun! I think the first time you leave them is the hardest. I still feel that way when Owen spends the night at my parents. The house is too quiet! Glad he had a great time with his grandparents!!!!! They sure are great at spoiling them.

  4. ha that cracks me up! they were busy that night! how fun!