Monday, December 21, 2009

Here comes Santa Clause

*First time meeting Santa*
We were having dinner at Grandma Darlene's and all of a sudden we heard bells ringing outside. Here comes Santa Clause to do a special visit for some special kids. He told Davis he's been a naughty boy because he's been chewing up his crib. Santa still brought him a early Christmas Gift, Jack in the box.
Davis wasn't sure what to think, he didn't even cry.
The girls kind of keep there distance but were super excited to see Santa.
He had so much fun with Santa.

Aunt Jaime had to show the kids how it's done. She asked Santa for the basement to be finished.

Here's Santa trying to get Zabryn to sit on his lap, she just wouldn't do it.

My son has a huge head, we couldn't get the Santa hat on his head.

I think it was choking him it was so tight. He doesn't like when mom tries to put funny looking things on him.

Merry Christmas!
Davis' first Christmas tree.


  1. Your little guy is getting big! He is a cutie!!!

  2. how fun! he i getting sooo big! He is so cute! I love his Christmas Tree! your such a good mom!

  3. Love that he smiled on Santa's lap, that's awesome for his first time! Your tree is gorgeous!

  4. That is so fun! I am glad he didn't cry. That makes it easy since a lot of kids cry the first couple of meetings with Santa. Love that you said Davis has a big head. He is soooo cute!