Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Easter 2010

Easter Sunday started at our home with the Jaeger family. Jason and I made waffles, bacon, cinnamon rolls, and cheese potatoes for everyone for breakfast.
The Easter bunny surprised Davis with this awesome toy car. We can't wait until it warms up to enjoy riding in it.
Grandma Jaeger played with Davis all morning long blowing him bubbles. He loves bubbles!

Does this shirt make my eyes look blue?

Grandma & Grandpa Jaeger gave Davis a swimming pool and arm floats for Easter.
Thank you so much for the beautiful flowers and for Davis' gifts.

Check our my car.

I also got golf clubs for Easter.

Uncle Cory & girlfriend Julie. ( such a cute couple )

Grandma & Grandpa Jaeger

The Reeder Family

He loved opening all the Easter eggs and dumping out gold fish instead of candy.

Then Later on we went to Grandma Reeder's home. She had everything decorated super cute and yummy food waiting for us.

She sat out Davis' cute Easter present. Little fun toys, money filled Easter eggs, and yummy candy.

Grandpa Reeder with the girls. He gave Davis diapers and his favorite crackers.
Thank you both for such wonderful Easter gifts.

Grandma Darlene, Jason and Davis.

Outside for my very first Easter egg hunt.

Justin, Jaime, Saydra, and Zabryn.

Sorry for the picture overload. We had such a wonderful Easter. Thank you everyone for making this holiday one to remember.


  1. Looks like fun. He is such a cutie, and getting chunky! I bet he was able to enjoy Easter this year 'cause he kind of understands better??

  2. Glad you guys had a good Easter. It is so much fun for the kids when they are little. Owen was so excited. Every year keeps getting better!

  3. i cant believe how long your hair is first of all...second WOW you guys are the cutest family in america. you are just beautiful. that is also a compliment to your mom because you two are twins. anyway, glad your easter was fun- you really went over the top with those decorations. i am really going to need some help stace! ps yes i still want the carseat :)

  4. what a fun easter! davis is such a little stud!