Saturday, April 3, 2010

Some of my favorite things....................

He loves this laughing monkey, the monkey moves and laughs when you move.

He loves scattering his books all over the floor rather than letting me read to him.

He loves trying to open all the drawers.

He Loves going to the Jaegers and playing with the dogs.

He loves ice cream.

He loves trying to chase the dogs and grabbing them.

He's not scared of this is big dog, not even a little bit.

He loves his camera.

he loves walking around carrying his clothes.

I'm a shirtless model.

He loves getting into the fridge.

I think I'll just throw everything on the floor.
this is why he is so chubby.


  1. i love all those pictures...he is sooo cute!! urban has those same monkey jammies:)

  2. stace he is so funny. the last picture is the best. we really need to come over and watch a jazz game and so we can get that carseat! let me know...there's a game on tues!! :)

  3. Very cute!!! He is so big! Owen has those jammies, but they are the red ones. Got to love when they can get into everything. It never ends and they always make you laugh!